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History, legal basis and statutory objectives of the Chamber

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers, Exporters and Cooperation is the organization of economic self-government, which was initiated by the most active companies in the region of Wielkopolska. Since its inception, the Chamber brings together Polish and foreign companies from different industries.

The Chamber operates on the basis of chambers of commerce act as well as on the basis of its statute.

The Chamber supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises through the provision of comprehensive information, training and advisory services, for the benefit of these enterprises, as well as through other services, which are available every time the Chamber’s clients express their expectations and needs for such services.

The Chamber operates in the interests of and for the development of its associated members - companies and business organizations. Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers Exporters and Cooperation is a founder and a member of the Economic Parliament for the Wielkopolska Province, based in Poznan as well as a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce (PCC), which is based in Warsaw.

As part of its statutory activities, the Chamber has the following objectives:

  • assistance in developing business contacts at home and abroad
  • introduction of products and services offered by our members to different foreign markets
  • end to end organization of group tours to international fairs and exhibitions
  • organization of business tours, within business missions, to all countries with which the chamber carries out business cooperation or arranges such cooperation
  • supporting business initiatives of the Chamber members
  • information about the possibility of obtaining aid funds and grants for business development
  • industry presentation of member companies at meetings with foreign partners
  • organization of business meetings for foreign companies participating in trade fairs  


September, 21st,  1995  -  founding meeting of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers, Exporters and Cooperation

October, 11th,  1995  - commencement of the Chamber’s operation upon registration in the chamber of commerce registry, number IG 16

December, 19th, 2000 – the Chamber becomes accredited by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development as a center for the National Small and Medium Enterprises Services Network in the scope of information services

August, 24th,  2001  - the Chamber is registered with the National Court Registry under Court Registry number: 0000038528